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In making this application, I/we understand that all accounts are payable according to the terms as shown on each invoice; and if not paid on or before said date, are then delinquent. I/we agree to pay interest service charge to past due invoices. I/we agree to pay a $30.00 service charge for each check returned for insufficient funds. All charges are due and payable in full to: Ashland Bay Trading Co. Inc., 2 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 375, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035.

The application must be signed by a partner, proprietor, or other officer of the firm who has been authorized to open this account on behalf of the company. By signing this application, I as the authorizing officer agree to be liable for all charges made on behalf of my company.

Please note approval of this account is not approval of Net 30 payment terms.

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