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Thank you for your interest in Ashland Bay! We purchase spinning fiber and yarns from around the world and wholesale them to business owners throughout North America. We do not sell to the general public, guilds, or Co-Ops, nor do we sell to businesses unrelated to the fiber arts. We operate most efficiently with customers that stock our products; we are not a just in time supplier.

Do I qualify for an Ashland Bay account?

In order to qualify for an Ashland Bay account you must be a business within the fiber arts/textile industry. Please note we must have a copy of your business license. We are unable to process applications without a copy of the license and/or tax resale certificate; providing the license number only is not sufficient. It is very important to accurately fill out your application as to what you intend to do with Ashland Bay products. As our dyed top is highly identifiable, we wish to protect our current dealers with respect to their location. Incomplete applications will result in a delay in processing.

What are the different types of Ashland Bay Accounts?

Ashland Bay has two different account types, an ecru only and a full account. Both accounts are welcome to purchase from our specials whether the product is dyed or undyed!

1. Dyer’s Account (Ecru only)-
The Ecru Only accounts are ideal for the independent dyer. This includes every undyed product, both fibers and yarns, that Ashland Bay offers. The initial order for an ecru only account is $500. To keep your account active, you must purchase at least $500 per year, not including initial orders. All minimum initial orders must be pre-paid in full and cannot be broken into several smaller orders.

2. Full Retail Account- As of April 1, 2016 we are no longer accepting applications for full retail accounts
The Full Retail Account is for brick and mortar retailer fiber and yarn stores as well as mills. We also sell to Internet based retail stores as long as their website is capable of accepting orders for fiber and yarn. The initial minimum order for a Full Retail Account is $750. To keep your account active, you must purchase at least $500 per year, not including initial orders. All minimum initial orders must be pre-paid in full and cannot be broken into several smaller orders.

How do I keep my account active?
Orders must be placed within 6 months of receiving and approving your application. If no order is placed within 6 months of being notified of approved application, we will shred your paperwork for your security. Once you have established an account, you will need to purchase $500 per year, not including initial orders. If no orders are placed within 1 year, we will mark your account inactive. You will be removed from e-mail and mailing lists as well as online ordering will be disabled. Please note that once your account has been marked inactive, there is no guarantee that you will re-qualify for an account. We may have already established a new account in your area. To re-qualify for an account, we will need to evaluate your area, and you will need to place a reactivation order ($350 for a full account, $250 for an ecru only). After 2 years of inactivity, your paperwork will be shredded and you will need to reapply for an account with a new minimum initial order.

How is shipping handled?
All shipping will be billed to the customer. We ship via UPS ground from Tualatin, OR. To receive an estimation of shipping costs please visit UPS.com and use their cost calculator. Please note we do insure all packages for the full value of its contents unless the customer requests otherwise.

How long does it take to receive an order?
Once you place an order, please allow between 2-3 business days for Ashland Bay to process your order. Ashland Bay is not open on Saturday or Sunday. Once your order has been processed you will be notified via e-mail by UPS. We ship all orders UPS ground (unless the customer has requested for expedited shipping).

Can I order online?
Online ordering is available after your initial purchase. Once you have made your first order, you can sign up for online ordering by visiting ashlandbay.com. In the upper right hand corner, please select the link for Ashland Bay Dealer Center. Next, select Already an Ashland Bay Dealer, Need an online log in button. Fill out your contact information, choose your own password and submit. Please note, we must approve your account from the back side prior to being able to log in (this ensures only Ashland Bay customers have access to online ordering). Online ordering does not show bulk discounts and only gives a shipping estimate. The exact total will be calculated once the order is fulfilled. At that time we will adjust the total prior to processing your card.

Do you offer Net 30 terms?
We do offer Net 30 terms, however the first order must be paid in full and no order under $50 will be processed Net 30. If you are interested in Net 30 terms please contact orders@ashlandbay.com. A separate Net 30 application will be sent to you. Please note if an invoice is sent out Net 30, payment must be received by check. Credit card payment is only allowed if charged at time of shipment.

After I submit my application, what is next?
     1. Once you have completed and signed your application, please send it with your business license to
          a. E-mail orders@ashlandbay.com or
          b. Fax 503.783.1269 or
          c. via USPS to: Ashland Bay Trading Co
                                 10744 SW Manhasset Drive
                                  Tualatin, OR 97062
     2. Please allow 1 week from the time Ashland Bay receives your application for us to contact you.
     3. We will notify you via e-mail and if approved you will receive a copy of our price lists. At that time we will ask if you are interested in purchasing samples.

Please note Ashland Bay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as well as PayPal. While online ordering is available, we ask that all initial orders be placed over the phone or via e-mail as we find that many questions do come up. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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