Targhee Yarn – Footwear for the entire household!

From our finest spun to
our bulkiest yarn, I really love Targhee wool! I love the story, I love the softness, and the bounce of the wool.  AND I especially love the versatility and
durability of the knit fabric.  With such
a wide range of applications, why not knit socks for the entire household?

Sock Pattern for Human

For the first pair of
socks, I started with our fine fingering weight Targhee yarn named Kalispell.
This yarn is designed as a sock yarn with 90% Superwash Targhee Wool and 10%
nylon for additional durability. This yarn has a little extra twist for stitch
definition that also adds durability.  There is a lace panel on the front of the sock
and a seed stitch seam runs up the back.


I named this pattern Lace and Vine. Best of all, the pattern is available for free!

Sock Pattern for Furniture

For the second set of
socks, I chose our bulkiest Targhee yarn, Montana. This set of socks was actually
knit for our kitchen chairs.  This summer
we had the oh-so-fun project of refinishing the hardwood floors. Our kitchen
chairs left hundreds of tiny scratches on the hardwood. After some well spent
time Pinterest-ing, Megan found this pattern on Ravelry by

Harpa Jónsdóttir

for felted furniture socks!

I used our Montana Targhee bulky yarn with size 11 needles in place of roving yarn which the pattern called for. For obvious reasons, they were a quick knit. Next, I popped
them into a lingerie bag and machine washer with a heavy load of towels.


I knit a set of natural
colored ‘socks’ for a desk chair and 4 sets of dyed ‘socks’ for the other
kitchen chairs. They work beautifully, and the best part is when a chair is
pulled away from the table, there is not a sound. Ahh, the floors are


Everyone will agree that
socks take a beating in shoes, boots and running around the house. These furniture ‘socks’ have been in constant use for over 6 months now and do
not show any signs of wearing out. You gotta love Targhee wool for the incredible durability plus against the skin comfort

What is your favorite thing to make
with Targhee wool?