Merino/Yak/Tussah Silk Top (70/15/15) 20 lb bump

Put Up: 20 lb bump

Country of Origin: U.K.

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Merino/Yak/Silk is one of our favorite special luxury blends, 70% 21.5 micron merino/ 15% Yak from Tibet/ 15% tussah silk. The natural color of this blend is a silvery grey. It is also beautiful overdyed.

Tibetan Yak is a luxury fiber often compared to cashmere and camel down. Yak down is prized for it’s exceptional warmth and softness. The rich natural brown color we chose specifically, not only to be spun into a gorgeous brown 100% yak yarn but also to enhance the color and appeal of our yak/silk, yak/merino/silk and yak/merino fiber blends. Spun alone or in one of our yak blends Tibetan yak is luxury fiber that is impossible to resist. Read more about Yak and why you should love yak on our blog.

The staple length 2 inches.