Product Review: Carbon Fiber Knitting Needles

I have a particular weakness for handcrafted spinning and knitting tools. I have recently come across Newhouse carbon fiber knitting needles that are an absolute joy to knit with! The fine pointed tip initially drew me to them. After knitting a few rows, I was hooked. There is more to these carbon needles than a super tip. The yarn glides smoothly along the needle and the stitches show themselves very clearly against the black needles.


Pictured above: Ashland Bay’s Cedar Creek on Carbon Fiber needles.

The advantages of Carbon Fiber needles:

1. Strength. They will not break like wood and they do not bend like metal, especially in the small sizes.

2. Lightweight

3.Perfect combination of slip and grip. They are not cold and slippery like metal needles and not as grabby as wood or bamboo needles.

The advantages of Newhouse Carbon Fiber Needles are long taper for smoother knitting.  Each point is hand ground and polished.  They make them with a fine point that doesn’t dull like wood points can. The fine hand polished tips keep the yarn moving smoothly, and the slightly grabbier shaft keeps your stitches from sliding off the needles. But best of all is their ability to make custom lengths from 3" up to 48", and will even dull the tips if one prefers.  The carbon fiber used in these needles is made in the USA.
They have size US size 0, 1, 3, 5, 7 available now in double points and straights.  00, 000, 0000 will be available by mid April.  The straight needles have Fresh water pearls set with Swarovski crystals…oh so pretty on the black needles! Click here to find Newhouse carbon fiber needles!