Yarn By Fiber

From lace weight to bulky, our ecru natural wool yarn and ecru silk wool lines provides a wide variety of undyed options in both fiber content and weight, making our yarns the perfect choice for the hand dyer’s yarn base. This section gives you a quick option to search our ecru silk and wool yarn selection by fiber content.

Abiqua Cones (SW Merino)

Abiqua Skeins (SW Merino)

Adora Skeins (Alpaca/Merino/Cultivated Silk)

Arequipa Skeins (Merino/Cultivated Silk)

Argentina Cones (Peruvian Merino/Tussah Silk)

Argentina Skeins (Peruvian Merino/Tussah Silk)100gm skeins

Black Butte Skein

Black Butte Skeins (SW Merino)

Crane Prairie 100% Merino

Crystal Creek Skeins (SW Merino/Tencel) Discontinued

Dakota Cones (Targhee)

Dakota Skeins (Targhee)

Grande Ronde 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon

Grande Ronde 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon sample skein

Jillian Cones (Merino)

Jillian Skeins (Merino) 115 gm sk

Jillian Skeins (Merino)250 gm sk

Kalispell Cone (SW Targhee/Nylon)

Kalispell Skeins (SW Targhee/Nylon)

Klamath Cones (SW Merino)

Klamath Skeins (SW Merino) (115 gm skeins)

Klamath Skeins (SW Merino) (250 gm skeins)


Lexington Cones (Merino/Yak/Silk)

Lexington Skeins (Merino/Yak/Silk)

Lotus Cones (SW Merino/Yak/Cultivated Silk)

Lotus Skeins (SW Merino/Yak/Cultivated Silk)

Nehalem Cones (SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon)

Nehalem Skeins (SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon)

Newport Cones (SW Merino/Lurex)

Newport Skeins (SW Merino/Lurex)

Rainier Skeins (SW Merino)

Rainier Cones (SW Merino)

Roaring River Cones (SW Merino/ Tussah Silk/ Bamboo/ Nylon)

Roaring River Skeins (SW Merino/ Tussah Silk/ Bamboo/ Nylon)

Rogue Skein

Rogue Skeins (SW Rambouillet)

Rogue Yarn on a cone

Rogue Cones (SW Rambouillet)

Salinas Cones (Merino/Cultivated Silk)

Salinas Skeins (Merino/Cultivated Silk)

Shelby Cones (SW Targhee/Nylon)

Tahoe Cones (SW Merino) Discontinued

Trillium Skeins (SW Merino/Nylon)

Umpqua Cones (SW Merino/Nylon/Tencel)

Umpqua Skeins (SW Merino/Nylon/Tencel)

Willamette Cones (SW Merino/Nylon)

Willamette Skeins (SW Merino/Nylon)

Windsor Skeins (Merino/Cultivated Silk)

Windsor Skeins (Merino/Cultivated Silk) 115 gm skeins

Yamhill Cones (SW Corriedale/Nylon)

Yamhill Skeins (SW Corriedale/Nylon)