Polwarth/Tussah Silk (60/40) (23lb)

Polwarth/Tussah Silk (60/40) (23lb)
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Polwarth/Tussah Silk (60/40) (23lb)


Polwarth Wool/Silk is just one of the many silk, angora, and blended ecru fibers offered by Ashland Bay. These blends with tussah silk add additional shine and luxury to the yarns. 60% Polwarth Wool / 40% Silk

Polwarth is just one of the many natural colored wool ecru fibers offered by Ashland Bay.

History: The Polwarth sheep was developed in Australia by breeding Merino rams to Lincoln/Merino ewes so the foundation stock is 75% Merino/25% Lincoln

The Polwarth sheep were developed to make a dual purpose sheep with a finer wool that would contribute a more significant portion of the ranchers income.

Range: Australia, New Zealand, Falkland Islands, South America.

Sheep Characteristics: They are a hearty breed of sheep that can be found in climates that are considered too wet or cold for Merino sheep.

The Polwarth breed has both polled and horned sheep. The most common is the polled. They are a large sheep with a high yielding fleece (between 8 – 13 lb fleeces)

Wool Characteristics: Polwarth fiber has a longer staple length from it’s Lincoln DNA. Easier to spin with longer staple length.

Micron count between 22-25. Definitely next to skin softness.

Noted for its elasticity, durability it is still considered a delicate fiber with bounce and drape

Learn more about this fiber using the Polwarth Wool fact sheet.

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