Pattern redo: Shawl to Cowl

A few weeks ago, we talked about pattern redos on the blog. Here I will talk about a super simple fix to a shawl or scarf that just doesn’t sit right.

I recently finished a pattern for this beautiful shawl with our Tahoe yarn. Although I don’t usually wear shawls, the pattern was so intriguing; I couldn’t’ resist. I thought I could wear it as a scarf! It would have worked as scarf… if I didn’t move…

Almost instantaneously upon my moving, the shawl ends would start inching their way out of the scarf mode, and I was constantly fusing and rearranging it. So my beautiful shawl was put to the bottom of the drawer! One day, a few weeks later, I was talking to my sister and she mentioned that she took all her scarves and sewed them into infinity scarves. Genius idea! Thanks Julie!

I simply laid the scarf flat, pinned the ends together and with a simple stitch my shawl became an infinity scarf! No fussing or rearranging required!