Out with the old, in with the new!

We need to move inventory out to make way for our new products coming in! We have some special dyed products that we would like to offer to both our ecru and full accounts.

First we have two dyed blue corrie cross, a light blue and a navy. We also have a dark orange. We have less than 40 lbs of each color, therefore we will not be listing them on the website for online ordering.



Second, we have a 4 merino cross colors (around 25.5 micron). We have a Black-Blue, Bright Green, Brown and Green. All are listed on the website with pictures. Now before you ask, as with the Corrie X, we do not know what it is crossed with.

And lastly, we have a limited supply multi merino. This is our 21.5 micron.

Don’t wait to order these products because they are selling fast!