New Yarns!

It’s been some time since Ashland Bay has introduced a new yarn, although it is not for lack of trying! Developing new yarns can take quite a bit of time. We have been working on 3 new yarns for quite a while now, and now it seems they are all ready at the same time! All three of these luxury yarns were designed in conjunction with current yarns that have been very popular.

The first product is Seneca.  Seneca is 80% SW Merino/10% Cashmere/ 10% Nylon. This sport weight yarn is 1415yds/lb and is put up in 3.3/lb cones.  It is actually a 4-ply version of our other Cashmere sock yarn, Nehalem.  This luxury yarn lends itself to cozy shawls and cowls, baby sweaters, hats and booties , just to name a few.

Coquille;   75% BFL/25% Tussah Silk is a product we’ve wanted to produce for sometime but there always seemed to be more urgent holes to fill in the line.  It is a sport weight 3-ply yarn at 1322yds/lb and put up in 250 gr skeins.   It’s the same construction as Argentina.  High luster due to the silk with good twist definition should make Coquille as well received as Argentina. Knitted, this yarn is a lustrous fabric with a soft hand and drape.

Lilium is another product that’s been planned for some time.  We’ve had many requests for another yarn with Yak that could be a companion product to Lotus.  Lilium is 60% regular merino/20% yak/20% cultivated silk.  The top is produced in China but it is spun in the United States so it is a product of the USA.  This DK yarn is a 4-ply at 1120yds/lb and is put up in approximately 3.3/lb cones. The natural color is gorgeous as is,  but this yarn loves the dye pot and all the beautiful colors you can create.

We hope you enjoy these new products and cannot wait to see the creative things you will do with these yarns! All three of these yarns are stocked and ready to ship. Try one today!