New product: Top Comber’s Silk Noil

Attention spinners, felters, paper
makers and art batt producers:
we just received a shipment of a brand new
product that we think you will really love: comber’s cultivated silk noil top. These
noils are the last of the short silk fibers that are combed out of the
cultivated silk top during the top making process. The results are a very silky,
short staple fiber.

To show you just how special this
product is, we wanted to share a few pictures of the new Comber’s noil and all
the amazing things you can do with this product. We also thought it would be
helpful to share a few pictures of the Comber’s top in comparison with our
standard Silk Noil. The Comber’s noil not only looks different, it feels
different and spins up with a very different look.

Raw Top Form


The comber’s noil is on the left and
our regular silk noil is on the right. The nepps have been combed out of the
comber’s noil leaving a silky and very lustrous top.

Spun Form


Spinning the two different types of
silk noil also yields two distinctly different yarns.  The comber’s noil is smooth and shiny and the
silk noil is highly textured and has a more matte finish.

Art Batt Form


The short staple length of the noils
allow quick and even blending with wool for art batts. Also, batts with
comber’s noil spin up into a smooth silky yarn.

Spun from Art Batt Form


The regular noil again spins into a
highly textured yarn.  The comber’s noil
is on the left of both photos and the regular silk noil is on the right.

Dyed Top Form


Now add color! Silk is one of the most
magical fibers to dye and these noils are no exception! These noils go into the
dye pot silky and lustrous and come out with color that is rich and vibrant.

Felted Form

Here are two great examples of the
comber’s silk noil used in felted projects. The felt was created with silk
gauze, thin layers of 19.5-micron merino and pieces of the comber’s silk noil
on the top layer. The original felt was divided into 2 pieces. One was dyed with
indigo and eco printed, the other piece was eco printed on the natural
color.  The comber’s noil gives the felt
an iridescent shimmer.


As you can see, the creative uses for
this comber’s silk noil has unlimited possibilities. Order yours today!