Mohair Yarns Return!

Welcome back to the flock, Mohair Yarns!


We have brought back our most popular mohair yarns. Boucle Mohair yarn, Boucle Kid Mohair and Brushed Kid Mohair yarns are now in stock and ready to ship. Knit or woven, mohair yarn creates a lightweight but warm fabric that is soft and incredibly durable. The boucle yarns add fabulous texture to projects. Drop a skein in the dyepot and you will be amazed at the color and luster of these beautiful yarns. All three of these yarns are on cones for you to customize your skein size and weight.

 So many projects to knit with Mohair!


This afghan was knit many years ago from Fiber Trends mohair afghan pattern. This is a fun project and easy project to knit. Although the pattern calls for brushed mohair, you could either use the boucle mohair (same weight as the pattern calls for) or knit 2 strands of the brushed kid mohair together or go really crazy and knit 1 strand of brushed kid and 1 strand of boucle kid. Any of these options would create a beautiful heirloom.