Introducing Rogue Yarn: 100% Superwash Rambouillet, 100% Product of USA

Ashland Bay is thrilled to introduce our first new product of 2020: Rogue Yarn.

Quick specs:

  • 100% Superwash Rambouillet Wool (22 micron)
  • 100% Product of USA
  • Worsted weight yarn
  • 5 ply construction
  • Currently available in approximately 3.5 lb cones
  • Sample skeins available!

Why we think you’ll love Rogue

Rogue is the perfect product for those looking for a unique addition to their yarn offerings. Rambouillet is a less common fiber in the handknitting market, however it boasts fantastic characteristics such as a fine wool (22 microns) with longer staple length for next-to-skin comfort, strength and durability. This fiber also has great elasticity and bounce. The 5 ply construction of this yarn creates a robust fabric without sacrificing the next-to-skin comfort. And lastly, the Rambouillet fiber for Ashland Bay’s Rogue yarn is grown, processed and spun in the USA!

Interesting facts about Rambouillet

Rambouillet is also known as the French Merino. In 1786, the French King purchased Spanish Merino from his cousin, King Charles lll of Spain. In France the Spanish Merino sheep were bred with English long wool to produce a larger animal and longer staple length for the wool, thus creating the Rambouillet breed. The Rambouillet were bred to adapt to all weather conditions and are successfully raised in as different climate from Texas to the mid-West although most of the Rambouillet in the US is raised in the Western US.

Today, Rambouillet are a dual-purpose animal and the largest fine wool sheep breed. The wool is highly sought after for its next to skin comfort, durability, memory and bounce. Shearers like working with Rambouillet as they are are easier to shear because they lack the skin folds that the merino possess. The wool is a bright white color with a micron count between 18.5 and 24.5.

Rogue cones are stocked in both fulfillment centers, ready to ship! Sample skeins are available now.