Gotta Love Knit Cuffs!

Fall is my favorite time of year. There is crispness to the air that is so invigorating after the hot summer. This is when I bring out my hand knit wool wrist warmers (cuffs) and fingerless mitts, my go to accessory for warmth and whimsy. I am truly, seriously crazy about cuffs!

Top 10 reasons that every knitter needs to knit wrist warmers (cuffs)

10) They are a fantastic canvas to try new stitch patterns and techniques. I always try to use a new technique from a workshop soon after the workshop is over so that it will still be fresh in my mind. How many times have I gone back to notes from years past and could not remember or decipher my notes?

9) They are fast to knit. Think of them as socks without the heel and foot. Knit a pair with the leftover yarn from the sweater you just finished. I have a couple ¾ length sleeved sweaters. I knit companion cuffs to wear with them when it is particularly cold.

8) You can incorporate luxury fibers into a garment without breaking the bank. Doesn’t everyone have a special skein of yarn that is in need of a project? My next set will incorporate a skein of handspun silk boucle yarn.

7)They add amazing warmth. They are a real comfort for people with arthritis and chronically cold hands. These are great thermo-regulators!

6) They make great gifts.

5) They make a great fashion statement. You can incorporate bold and bright colors that you love but don’t have in your wardrobe.

4) They are the perfect size knitting project for travel, small and compact.

3) A great way to use leftover yarn that is too precious to get rid of. It is very easy to combine multiple small skeins to create a very unique pair.  Think of it as stash reduction.

2) They are fun to wear.

1) They are fun to knit!

Stay tuned! Next post will be a cuff pattern! Head over to our Facebook page and post a picture of your favorite pair of cuffs and be entered into a drawing for 4oz skein of our Panda yarn! Great for knitting a new pair of fall cuffs.