Q: What is a batt?

A: The process of turning fleece to yarn has many stages. Once the fleece has been scoured it is put through a carder. At this stage the product from the carder is called a batt. The individual fibers are somewhat parallel, but still have fibers crossing over each other.  This is a great preparation for felting.

Q: What is a roving?

A: After carding a batt, the fibers are drawn out and slightly twisted. At this point the roving can be spun into a woolen yarn. Roving looks fluffier than combed top and the staple length of the fibers are not uniform length.

Q: What is combed top?

A: After the scoured fleece has been carded it goes through a combing process. This straightens the fibers and sets them parallel to each other. Combing also separates out the short fibers leaving a fairly uniform staple length. Combed top looks smoother than roving and has a higher luster. At this stage, the combed top is ready for worsted spinning.

Q: Does Ashland Bay sell retail?

A: Ashland Bay only sells their products wholesale.

Q: How do you apply for a wholesale account?

A: If you are in the fiber arts industry, please review our terms & conditions page! If you meet those qualifications please send an e-mail to orders@ashlandbay.com asking for an account application. Please note, there is no online application.

Q: How do I set up an online account?

A: After your account has been approved AND you have placed your initial order, then you can sign up for online ordering here.

Q: Where can I find Ashland Bay products to purchase retail?

A: Please use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you! We also have a great number of dealers that offer online ordering. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call!

Q: Where are your products sourced?

A: All over the world! Ashland Bay searches the world for our quality products. While wool is an internationally traded commodity, we can narrow down products to geographical areas.

Q: Do you carry any US products?

A: Yes! We are very excited to currently carry 3 products of USA yarns Tahoe, Dakota and Montana. Please check back because we plan to add more!

Q: What are your specials?

A: Throughout the year we have limited quantity specials on yarns and fibers. These would be products that we do not normally stock as inventory. When these products run out, the product is out! We might not ever be able to order them again.

Q: Do you have any dyed yarns?

A: We do not currently carry any dyed yarns. But we have many talented customers who transform our undyed yarns into works of art!