Create Color Gradients with Ashland Bay Multi Colored Merinos


Really, who doesn’t love a
good color gradient? In 2016 you can’t set foot in a yarn shop or fiber
festival without visually experiencing the full spectrum of ascending shades
and hues. Having a flair for the eccentric, I decided to create my own spin on
gradient yarns using Ashland Bay’s Multi Colored Merino line. A few years ago I
posted to our blog about plying 2
different multi-colored yarns together
While I was spinning these yarns, I came up with the idea to create a color
palette that followed a gradient from one color to the next.


pairing every combination I could possibly think of, I decided that Amethyst
& Borealis was the winning combination that eventually will be knit into a
pair of fingerless gloves.

To create my gradient, I
spun 4 different skeins, each yarn being 3 plies.

  • Skein 1: 3 plies of Amethyst
  • Skein 2: 2 plies Amethyst
    and 1 ply Borealis
  • Skein 3: 1 ply Amethyst
    and 2 plies Borealis
  • Skein 4: 3 plies of Borealis


Above you can see my
gradient in action! Stay tuned for pictures of the knitting progress!

In just a few steps you can create your very own color gradient using Ashland Bay’s Multi Colored Merinos. Do you love spinning
and/or knitting with color gradients? What are your favorite colors to work