Color Progression Dyeing

Color Progression Dyeing. This is a term that I use for dyeing multiple skeins, each a different color in a single dye pot. Color progression dyeing is achieved by removing one skein at a time and adding more dye with every skein removal.

For example, in the Lima lace cowl (pattern coming soon!), I started with the dye pot of cyan. All 6 skeins were put into the pot at the same time.  After about 1½ hours, I removed all the skeins, put one skein in a separate tub of hot water and vinegar. I added a very small amount of magenta to the dye pot. I stirred and returned the 5 skeins to the pot. When the color of the skeins changed enough, when compared to skein #1, I removed the skeins and put 1 of the skeins into the vinegar tub. I added more magenta dye to the dye pot and put the remaining 4 skeins into the dye pot. I continued this pattern until all the skeins were dyed a gradient from cyan to violet.

When all the skeins were dyed to the color I wanted, I steamed them separately to set the dye.