Our Trip to Peru – Photo Diary

January 22, 2016

Last month we had the opportunity and privilege of traveling to Peru to visit with a supplier of many Ashland Bay products. The mill is located in Arequipa, a city surrounded by volcanic cones. Our first stop was the office complex where the alpacas were ready for the holidays with festive adornments. The welcoming committee…

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Year of the Sheep – Masham

October 26, 2015

History Masham sheep were specifically developed to produce offspring that were hardy, long living and highly prolific with the added benefit of a more profitable fleece. This British sheep was developed by breeding a Wensleydale or Tesswater ram with a Dalebred or Swaledale ewe and are predominately found in the hills of Northern England. Distinguishing…

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Year of the Sheep – Jacob

October 12, 2015

History Although the origins of the Jacob sheep are unknown, there is historical documentation of spotted sheep in the Middle East, Far East and Mediterranean from three thousand years ago. These sheep were named after Jacob, a shepherd from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who bred spotted sheep. In England, the Jacob was…

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New Yarns!

October 6, 2015

It’s been some time since Ashland Bay has introduced a new yarn, although it is not for lack of trying! Developing new yarns can take quite a bit of time. We have been working on 3 new yarns for quite a while now, and now it seems they are all ready at the same time!…

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Year of the Sheep – Shetland

September 27, 2015

photo source This year’s Shetland Wool Week is September 26- October 4, 2015. This event is in its 6th year and it is a celebration of Shetland Sheep, their wool and their economic importance to the Shetland Islands. Ashland Bay is also celebrating Shetland Sheep and their wool as the next Sheep breed in the…

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Targhee – Year of the Sheep

September 14, 2015

image source History This story begins nearly a century ago, with researchers at the Experimental Sheep Station in Dubois, Idaho who had a vision for the ideal sheep and its wool.  This sheep would combine the most desirable wool qualities of softness and strength with a sheep that could survive and thrive in the Western…

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Gotland – Year of the Sheep

August 31, 2015

photo source History While not everyone agrees on the genetic origins of the Gotland Sheep, they do agree that the breed originated on the Island of Gotland, off the east coast of Sweden in the early 20th century. Today’s Gotland sheep belong to the Northern European short-tailed sheep family and are thought to be the…

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Polwarth – Year of the Sheep

August 17, 2015

Image source To download the Polwarth Sheep card, click here. While Ashland Bay carries several Polwarth products, we’ve chosen to highlight our 100% Certified Organic Polwarth Wool Top from the Falkland Islands. This wool is specifically selected for Ashland Bay from two family farms on the Islands. These sheep are raised organically and are not…

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Wensleydale – Year of the Sheep

August 3, 2015

While most people recognize the name Wensleydale, it’s usually because of the cheese. However, there is no real connection between the two, other than the fact that the both originated from the Wensleydale area of Yorkshire.  A large number of British sheep names are derived from the area they originated from. This is true of…

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Cheviot – Year of the Sheep

July 19, 2015

To download the Cheviot Sheep card, click here. Cheviot sheep originated in the Cheviot Hills on the border of Scotland and England. They produce 1/7th of the total wool production in Scotland. Cheviot wool, known for its durability, is used in socks, sweaters, blankets and wool tweeds for jackets and fine suiting material. These sheep…

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