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Why you should love yak

September 12, 2019
Ashland Bay Yak Products

Now that you have learned a bit more about these amazing creatures, let’s get to the heart of issue: why should fiber enthusiasts love yak? For years people have been asking if yak is the new cashmere. (Conduct a simple Google search asking ‘is yak the new cashmere’ and you’ll see what we mean!)  Both fibers are…

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Yakety Yak

August 13, 2019
Ashland Bay Yak Products

In preparation for a blog post about Ashland Bay’s yak products, we took a deep dive into researching the majestic animal that produces this luxurious and somewhat scarce fiber. During our research, we found so many fascinating facts about the yak that we decided to dedicate an entire post to 3 characteristics of this enchanting…

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Two New Yarn Bases for Our Favorite Fiber Enthusiasts

April 2, 2018

Spring has finally begun in Portland, and we are excited to introduce 2 new yarn bases! Our first yarn, Caplina, is an updated version of our Peru yarn. We have swapped out the fine count alpaca for baby alpaca, tweaked percentages and tightened up the twist to create a beautiful 4-ply, sport weight, alpaca yarn…

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Dyed Top Division Under New Ownership

March 26, 2018

As Ashland Bay customers now know the sale of the Dyed Top division of Ashland Bay is now complete! We are so excited for the new owner of this part of the business, Foxglove Fiberarts Supply. Most in the fiber arts industry already know Cindy Howard-Gibbon, the owner of Foxglove. Cindy, Jill, and I are…

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Tea Time

October 2, 2017

Previously on the blog we have talked about Color Uh-Ohs and given tips on Dyepot Double Dipping. Today I wanted to share another method for toning down regrettable color choices. Step 1, relax and make a cup of tea. Literally, make a cup of tea to re-dye your yarn or knit project. Whenever I dye…

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New Products: June 2017

June 13, 2017

NEW YARN: Paulina 100% Superwash 20.5 micron merino Available on approximately 2.3lb cone AND 250 gram skeins 545 yards per pound 3.5 stiches per inch NEW SPECIAL BLEND: USA Targhee Wool / Bamboo / Silk 80% 25 micron USA Targhee / 10% bamboo / 10% tussah silk The USA Targhee wool in this blend was…

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Blog about Blanks

June 4, 2017

At first glance it is not intuitively obvious why one would paint a piece of knitted fabric (also called a blank) and then unravel it to knit a new garment. But upon closer inspection, there are many unique and intriguing color effects that can be achieved with this method. Think gradients all in one skein!…

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Behind the Scenes: Commercial Dyeing

April 10, 2017

Several years ago we had the opportunity to visit our suppliers in England. While many of our customers are well versed in the dye process, I thought it would be fun to share some of our photos of the commercial dyeing process. The picture below shows the bales of combed top, ready to be opened…

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New Yarns Resolutions (see what I did there?)

February 1, 2017

New years resolutions always sound like a good idea. Eat healthier, move a little more, finally get organized. And then, here we are, one month in. If any of you are like me, I had noble aspirations to decrease my clutter by using some my mounting yarn stash (if for nothing else than to make…

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Targhee Yarn – Footwear for the entire household!

January 19, 2017

From our finest spun to our bulkiest yarn, I really love Targhee wool! I love the story, I love the softness, and the bounce of the wool.  AND I especially love the versatility and durability of the knit fabric.  With such a wide range of applications, why not knit socks for the entire household? Sock…

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