2014 Superstar: The Lovely Lotus – 60% Superwash merino/20% Yak down/20% Cultivated Silk

When this new yarn arrived last year, I was first in awe of the natural, beautiful, silvery grey color. Then, I could hardly wait to put a skein in the dyepot to see what magical colors would appear! The superwash merino and yak soak up the dye while the silk shimmers and shines. With a fantastic hand and great twist, I just can’t say enough about this yarn!



I wanted a fabulous inaugural project for this exciting new yarn. Lotus is a luxury yarn that has exceptional next to skin comfort, but it also has structure and twist that make it a strong yarn. My idea was to test the strength of the yarn by knitting a pair of luxury socks. I found a leaf lace pattern and designed a pair of socks with the lace pattern up the front of the sock for an extra touch of elegance. The yarn is an absolute pleasure to work with and the socks are holding up and wearing beautifully.



Lotus has been one of Ashland Bay’s 2014 superstar performers. If you have not tried our Lotus Yarn, now is the perfect time! You will not only love the colors you can create in your dyepot, but also will love knitting with this beautiful yarn.



Fern Lace Sock Pattern


1 skein of Ashland Bay’s Lotus Yarn 100 gm (400 yds)

Double pointed needles size US 1

3 Stitch markers

Staggered Fern Lace Panel (The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches)

Worked over 20 sts on a background of st st.

1       P2, k9, yf,k1, yf, k3, sl 1, k2tog, psso, p2

2       Knit

3       P2, k10, yf, k1, yf, k2, sl 1, k tog, psso, p2

4       Knit

5       P2, k3tog, k4, yf, k1, yf, k3,[yf,k1] twice, sl 1 k2tog, psso,p2

6       Knit

7       P2, k3tog, k3, yf, k1, yf, k9, p2

8       Knit

9       P2, k3tog, k2, yf, k1, yf, k10, p2

10  Knit

11  P2, k3tog, [k1,yf] twice, k3, yf, k1, yf, k4, sl 1, k2tog, psso,p2

12  Knit

Repeat these 12 rows.



DP – double pointed needles

P  – purl

K – knit

K2tog – knit 2 stitches together

PSSO – pass slipped stitch over stitch just knitted

Sl – slip stitch

SSK – slip 2 stitches individually knitwise. Knit the 2 slipped stitches together.

YF- bring yarn forward ( creating a new stitch)

On 3 dp needles, cast on 56 sts. Arrange stitches accordingly;

Needle 1 – 18 sts

Needle 2- 20 sts

Needle 3 – 18 sts

If you are using circular knitting needles use stitch markers to mark the front 20 sts for the lace panel.

K2, P2 rib for 1 ½ inches.

Next row and following 11 rows: Knit 18 stitches ( needle 1) , follow Fern Lace pattern on next 20 stitches ( needle 2) knit to end of row.

Repeat this 12 row pattern 5 times. (Total length 7 inches)

Divide for heel flap (28 stitches)

Arrange stitches on 2 needles -28 stitches each needle.

Place stitch marker on each end of needle 2 and from needle 1, slide 4 stitches onto needle 2, and from needle 3 slide 4 stitches onto needle 2.

Knit the stitches on needle 1. Transfer stitches from needle 3 to needle 1.

Needle 1 is the heel flap.

Row 1: Slip first  st, purl to end of needle

Row 2:* Sl 1, K1, Sl 1, K1* ** to the end

Repeat Heel flap row 1-2 until flap measures 2 ½ inches or the length of your heel.

On your last knit row, place a stitch marker between the 14th and 15th stitch. This is the midpoint of your heel flap

Turning the Heel ( Standard heel )

Row 1: Sl 1, purl to 2 sts past the stitch marker, p 2tog, p1, turn work

Row 2: S1, knit to 2 sts past the stitch marker, k 2tog, k1, turn work

Row 3: S1, purl to the gap between your p 2tog and s1 from previous row and p 2 tog, p1, turn work

Row 4: Sl, knit to the gap and k 2 tog, k1, turn work

Repeat turning heel rows 3 and 4 until all the stitches are worked across the needle, ending on a purl row.


Pick up slipped stitches along the side of the heel flap, knit across instep needle starting with row 1 of the fern lace pattern, pick up slipped stitches along the other side of heel flap. Divide heel stitches onto needle 1 and needle 3 from either side of the stitch marker. Remove stitch marker.


Heel Shaping

Decrease row :Knit until 3 sts are left on the needle, knit 2 tog, k1, Knit 4 stitches, knit row 2 of lace pattern over next 20 stitches, k 4 sts left on needle 2, Needle 3, K1, ssk, knit to end. (decreased 2 sts)

Continue with the decrease rows (continue the fern lace pattern on needle 2) until there are 14 stitches each on needle 1 and 3. Please note: some people like to have a more gradual heel shaping and knit a straight row between the decrease rows.

Continue knitting foot, following the lace pattern on needle 2 until the foot length is 1 ¾ inches to end of foot, completing row 12 of the fern lace pattern.


Toe Shaping

Needle 1, knit to last 3 sts. K 2tog, k1

Needle 2, k1, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, K 2tog

Needle 3, K1, ssk, knit to end. Decreased 4 sts for this round

Next round: knit all stitches

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 4 sts on needle 1 and 3 and 8 stitches on needle 2.

Kitchener stitch the remaining stitches together.

Weave ends in and block on sock blockers or lay flat to dry