100% Product of USA

We searched far and wide to find you the next Ashland Bay yarn! And where did we end up? Practically in our own backyard! Our new Targhee yarns are 100% domestically raised and spun; 100% products of USA.These products qualify under NAFTA which allows them to be shipped to Canada duty free.

We are very excited to be able to offer you these two new exceptionally wonderful yarns. Not only is the yarn domestically raised and spun, but the breed itself was developed in the US at the Experimental Sheep Station in Dubois, Idaho in the mid 1900’s.

Introducing Dakota and Montana

These yarns have the soft springy hand that Targhee wool is so well known for.  They accept the dyes quickly and effortlessly with captivating results.

Dakota: This 3 ply worsted yarn is 1120 yds/lb and available in 250 gm skeins. 

Montana: This robust 4 ply bulky weight yarn is 840 yds/lb and available in 250 gm skeins

The picture below shows how beautifully the Dakota takes dye!